My website is currently undergoing a facelift and I appreciate your patience! If you're here to listen to my tunes, you may find them here!

I'm Danny! A musician, writer and soul-centered entrepreneur.

When the struggle between good and evil is at last understood to be going on inside of us, we are compelled to hold both:

The Light & The Weight

I'm scaling this business—an extension of me—to invite humanity to transcend our illusion of duality and separation. It's a green band and social enterprise - on a mission to produce, curate, and deliver experiences in wholeness. All in service to our new cultural paradigm and next political systems.

My channels are 3-fold:

  • I produce harmony: connecting ecstatic meditations to irreverent cultural commentary
  • I create customized meditations, mantras and theme songs for people like you
  • I lead workshops combining live music, meditation and body movement

It's my hope to connect with you!


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