The Light & The Weight | Paradox as a Portal for vulnerability, integration and elevation.
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The Light & The Weight’s role is to demystify how we perpetuate opposition in our lives and to model a new paradigm for expanding our consciousness in harmony with the laws of nature.


My name is Danny Lampton and I’m a Musician, Astrologer, and Counselor. Above all my priority as an individual and professional is to continually open my own heart and yours.


I share music, perspective, and client services that weave Astrology with Energy Psychology to deliver a unique form of healing that’s both deeply personal and societally urgent.

Connect with me for lively play,
tantalizing perspective,
and deep work
towards the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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Foundations of my work
My approach to Astrology, Emotional Freedom Technique, + My Suggested Resources
About Emotional Freedom Technique

(Also called EFT or Tapping)