Danny Lampton

Danny Lampton is a musician, writer and soul-centered entrepreneur.
His band and business, The Light & The Weight, is his vessel.

An experienced facilitator and leader in conscious communication, creativity and innovation, Danny's approach is fundamentally transdisciplinary with an emphasis on regenerative systems, Buddhism, Evolutionary Astrology, Jungian and social psychology, Gestalt therapy, Somatics, Shamanism, sacred geometry, ancient philosophy and good ol' western sciences.

Danny's work is founded on the natural law that teaches us how all Earthly dilemmas exist in paradox—between, across and beyond false dichotomies like good/evil and growth/sustainability that turn humans against ourselves, pit economy against environment, and rob the world's systems of their soul. He believes that our calling at this pivotal point in human evolution is to navigate the relativity of life on Earth not with sanctimony but with our compass pointed toward curiosity and compassion. Danny's litmus test for communication and action can be framed by the question, "Does it lead with love?"

Prior to earning his MBA in Sustainable Systems from what is now Presidio Graduate School (PGS), Danny worked in communications at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and then at the Northwest Earth Institute. In between those experiences he focused on music production while bartending at Ada St. in Chicago. During business school Danny also worked closely with Community Sourced Capital on changing the ways conventional society thinks about finance—from doing harm to healing, and as a tool to create the world we actually want to live in.

Based in Portland, OR, Danny is an impact investor for organizations including Conscious Company Media and Change Finance. He's also an active member of Resource Generation and Solidaire Network

Danny is a Leo Sun that trines Uranus and squares his Taurus Moon, has a stellium in Leo, with Gemini Rising, Aquarius Midheaven, and his North Node in Aries. Danny is an Enneagram Type 4.